Episode 13

Embodied Landscapes, Embodied Minds, and Restorative Nature


April 8th, 2020

37 mins 34 secs

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Late last February, Westminster's Student Honors Council invited Hikmet Loe and Russ Costa to lead a discussion around issues of nature and mental health. They called the discussion "Embodied Landscapes, Embodied Minds, and Restorative Nature" and asked Hikmet and Russ to talk about their experiences in nature and links to mental health. Respecting Honors College tradition, Russ and Hikmet grounded this concept in texts, art and photography from around the world. You can see the images Hikmet and Russ discussed below.

Image Information/Credits

Ansel Adams: The Tetons and the Snake River

Stock photo of the moon from Getty Images

Tropical Paradise Beach by Belle Deese on WallpaperUp

Joseph Turner, Rough Sea With Wreckage at the Tate Gallery

Kandinsky: Bavarian Mountains With Village

Sunflower: Luca-Postpischii

Denali (20,310') in the Alaska Range. [Photo] Bradford Washburn Collection, Museum of Science

Andy Goldsworthy, Pebbles around a hole, Kinagashima-Cho, Japan (1987)

Frederick Church: Cotopaxi

Hikmet Loe: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, west of Las Vegas, Nevada, January 2020

Jeff Nichols and Brent Olson co-direct the Institute for Mountain Research and our 2018-2019 Mountain Fellows are Katie Saad and Naomi Shapiro. Our theme song is “Home” by Pixie and the Partygrass Boys. As Naomi likes to say, “They are awesome and you should check them out.”

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