Kripa Thapa

Special guest

Kripa Thapa recently graduated from the Master's program in geography and Geographic Information Science master's student from the University of Utah (UofU). Over the two-year run, she worked under the supervision of Dr. Summer Rupper. During my first year, she was recognized as a Graduate Fellow under the Global Change and Sustainability Center (GCSC) at the UofU. In her second year, I was engaged as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for Geography Department. Currently, she is working as a Research Assistant (RA) at the Snow and Ice Lab, UofU.

Besides these engagements over the past two years, she conducted my research titled "Assessment of mountain water supply and storage at sub-basin scale in Nepal". The study aims to elucidate the primary drivers of water vulnerability in the mountain ecosystems of Nepal and provide a framework to help combat potential water scarcity that will be of interest to policymakers and researchers in the long run.

In August, Kripa will be pursuing an internship – with the Software Products Team at ESRI, one of the world's leading GIS software companies

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