Prashanti Limbu

Special guest

I am from Nepal and currently an international student at Westminster College. I like to learn more about people, cultures, and places to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. I want to work towards protecting the environment and reversing climate change. In order to bring change, I believe that we can work both individually and collectively towards changing the world for the better. Being an international student and pursuing my undergraduate research, I believe in working with harmony and peace and being open to advice and different opinions. When working with others collectively, I want to make sure everyone is heard and respected. I think that education is
important and like someone said no one can steal our education or knowledge from us I want to relearn and remember Indigenous knowledge and local knowledge that's spread and apply that outside of academia. Believing this I am studying abroad away from home and that is why I conducted the research “Mountain Time and Beyond” under the supervision of Dr Xiumei Pu . I want to advocate for clean energy use and recycling and was fortunate enough to conduct the first thrift store on campus in my freshman year.
Fun fact: I have a twin sister.

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